lineage.app makes available the capabilities of the open source lineage Python package. Specifically, users can use lineage.app to

  • Merge raw data files from different DNA testing companies, identifying discrepant SNPs in the process
  • Compute centiMorgans (cMs) of shared DNA between individuals using the HapMap Phase II genetic map
  • Plot shared DNA between individuals
  • Determine genes shared between individuals (i.e., genes transcribed from shared DNA segments)
  • Find discordant SNPs between child and parent(s)
  • Remap SNPs between assemblies / builds (e.g., convert SNPs from Build 36 to Build 37, etc.)

lineage.app is proudly open source and was developed thanks to a generous project grant from Open Humans.

lineage.app was developed by Andrew Riha and is administered by Scedastic Software, LLC, a company Andrew founded in 2019. Andrew has a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a Graduate Certificate in Bioinformatics from Harvard Extension School. Andrew enjoys running, traveling, and backpacking.